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Are you one of those people who have said, "I wish I could play piano", but have NO IDEA where to start? Would it surprise you to learn that most people say that? To many people, the piano is a bewildering instrument of many black and white keys, and the musical notes look like a language, impossible ever to learn! That's all in the past, because you can play piano now with my NEW - "Play Easy Piano" method. To become a pianist, with fingers flying over the keyboard, seems like many years of hard work, but not any more! My new program "Play Easy Piano", will set you on the right course to play piano now! It could be the start of YOUR wonderful musical adventure.

The good news is that it's actually very easy to learn to play piano! Most of us do not aspire to being concert pianists, rather we would just like to play piano for enjoyment and the love of music. Of course to become a concert pianist requires the same dedication and practice as an Olympic athlete! Sure, some of us would also like to play in a group, band or orchestra and - yes - this does require a little practice! But, it all starts right here - by learning piano the easy way.

Because many people do not know where to start, they never learn piano - that's sad - because they never know the joy that playing music, makes to their lives. It doesn't matter whether you're young or old, it is really very easy to learn piano! Unfortunately, many piano courses and teachers tend to over complicate the process and students are left feeling frustrated and worried. That's why I developed my new program "Play Easy Piano" to help people play piano now.

Hi my name is Ryan Woodbury and I've been playing piano and enjoying music for more years than I can remember! I still love playing piano today. My new program will show you exactly 'how' and 'where' to start learning piano. It's a great resource that not only informs you, but also makes learning piano real fun! Whether your 8 years of age or 80 - it doesn't matter - learn to play piano now! More info ...

"Piano Playing Secrets"
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Piano Courses Online 

One of the easiest methods of learning piano is by purchasing Online Piano Lessons.
You should take great care which course your purchase. Some are excellent, while others are worthless. Also, it depends on whether you are looking for courses suitable for children or adults. Also, many courses are tailored specifically to teach certain methods.
You should expect to pay between $40 and $100 for a good online course. When you consider the price of off-line lessons, this is great value!
I am progressively reviewing the best of the online course and I strongly suggest you read my reviews.
Sheet Music

Getting the sheet music that you really want, can be a real problem. Most retail music stores have a very small selection.
Buying online has huge advantages. Firstly, you can digitally download the music score and print it out later. Secondly, you have a huge range to select from and thirdly the prices are just great! Some online stores even offer FREE sheet music!
A very important point to keep in mind, is the type of musical score you wish to buy, as many are available for piano / vocals / chords and etc.
I am progressively checking and reviewing the better sheet music sites and you can read my reviews.
Books on Music and Piano

Reading, or listening to a good book, is a great way to learn more about music, the piano, music theory, history of music and even music lessons.
Well - YES, you can even listen to a book! Digital audio books are great for listening in the car, on an MP3 player, or on a CD and the prices are fantastic!
The problem of course is where to find the best books! Digital eBooks and Audio Books can be downloaded, or you can just purchase a regular book. For example, if you are doing online Piano Lessons, a book on chords is a great asset.
I am progressively locating and reviewing the better digital, audio and regular book sites and you can read my reviews.
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