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From Ryan Woodbury
Wednesday 11:20 am

Dear Fellow Music Lover

Playing piano is certainly one of life's greatest joys! Just imagine being able to play the music you like, for your family, your friends and even an audience! ...

Well - you can! This is my guarantee to you and I ask that you carefully read every word of this letter, because this is your opportunity to learn to play piano the easy way - using my unique teaching method that has already taught hundreds of people (just like you) all over the world to play piano.

Did you know that the vast majority of people who start to learn piano, never actually learn to play? Did you know that thousands of people - just like you - wish they could play piano, but have no idea where to start? Have you wondered why this is the sad truth?

Let me share this with you. Most piano lessons are too expensive. Many piano lessons are simply too hard to learn. Many others are far too complicated. Some piano teachers simply have no idea how to really teach you to play piano. All of that has now changed with my unique learning program "Play Easy Piano".

"Can I Really Learn To Play Piano The Easy Way?"

Yes, you can! - Just imagine - NO more expensive lessons! NO more complicated programs! NO more frustration! NO more boring practice! That's right!! - All of that is in the past.

Let me explain ...

I've been playing piano for more years than I care to remember - BUT - it wasn't always like that. In fact, I wasn't a good student! I hated boring practice - my teachers just didn't understand that I wanted to PLAY music! After several years of frustration and great expense - I gave up. Yes - I actually gave up!

Heard this before? Have you been there? - perhaps you have a child like this? Please read on ...

But, I really had a problem - I just loved music and I really wanted to play piano and I didn't want to give up! So, I spent the next several years expanding on my basic knowledge and trying to teach myself. It wasn't easy, but I wouldn't give up. I practiced day and night, learning from my musical friends and the bands that I started to play with.

Suddenly it hit me ...

I discovered the secrets of learning of learning to play easy piano!! ...

Of course there was nothing wrong with the piano (or me!) - it was the METHOD of teaching!! I discovered that if a person is taught the RIGHT way, in an easy to understand language, from the very basics up - then it's EASY! Also, it's great FUN! That's when I decided to develop my own unique learning program called "Play Easy Piano".

All of that was quite a few years ago! I spent the next few years developing my program and in this last year, many HUNDREDS of people of all ages, from more than 20 countries, world wide, have learned to play piano the easy way, with my unique program. I am now ready to share my secrets with you! At last you can learn to play piano with an easy to understand learning program. My step-by-step methods guarantee that, PLUS - I'm with you all the way, to assist and help you at every step!

WAIT - Before you read any further  -  Please read this message:
(I REPEAT - I'm with you all the way, to assist and help you at every step)

I can tell already that your lessons are going to be very beneficial for me. I love the way you explain things in great detail because it gives me a better understanding of things. Thank you in advance for your help in my successful musical journey.
Your lessons and techniques have been very helpful. Thanks a tonne for the wonderful stuff. It has helped me a lot in developing my skills and bring about a whole new dimension regarding playing the piano.
I want to thank you for these piano lessons, which are enjoyable because they are show to me step by step the way and the possibility to learn piano. It's easy enough to understand your lessons and I hope that I can teach my daughter something from what I learned.
Now - before I go any further, let me ask you several questions. This is very important, because my program "Play Easy Piano" may NOT be for everyone. I have especially developed it for those people who have always wished that they could learn to play piano, but have not had the opportunity, or the money for the lessons. Even if you've never even played a note - then this program is most probably for you!

Can You Answer "YES" To Any Of The Below Questions? ...

               Are you a Mom or Dad who wants to encourage your child to play piano? - and maybe learn yourself at
               the same time, so you can actually help your child?

               Are you a college student who would like to learn to play piano or maybe just the keyboards, so that
               you could play in a college band or even a small musical group?

               Are you a senior or retired person who would really like to play the piano, but you've never played a
               note of anything in your life and you don't know where to start?

               Are you a working person who has very little time because of working commitments, but you would
               like to take time out to learn the piano, without a big practicing schedule?

               Are you a stay-at-home Mom (or Dad) or someone who is confined to home and really has a desire
               to have something extra in your life - like learning piano - but don't know how to go about it?

               Are you someone who is fed up and frustrated with expensive lessons, or hard to understand programs,
               or has tried to learn piano before, but has not been successful?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, them my program "Play Easy Piano" is definitely for you! Please read on to find out exactly how and what you are going to learn.

Here's A Peek At What Is Inside My FOUR MODULE Piano Program ...
(Each Module has 3 easy step-by-step Lessons - 12 Lessons in total)

Module One - Getting Started

Lesson One starts with the "How and Why" of learning piano and reveals the most important aspects of getting started. Lesson Two builds on this beginning by providing you with an inside look at what the piano is all about and how it works. With this basic framework in place, Lesson Three starts you musical journey and gently leads you into the secrets of finger placement, co-ordination, the piano keys and rhythm - the secret of making music.
NOW - YOU can play piano the easy way!  -  Read what my students say:
(These are all GENUINE testimonial emails that I have received from students. More testimonials.)
Important Message:  Many online piano courses and programs promise the world, with fancy technology, but they fail to provide you with any personal help. You are left on your own! Please! Whatever you do - never buy a piano course that does not offer you personal help by the author!
Here Is My Promise To You:  When you buy my unique learning program "Play Easy Piano", You will be given direct access to me! You can ask me any question about music, learning piano, your musical  problems or any difficulty you are having in my piano program. I will answer you personally! This promise to you, is like having your very own personal coach! And this special bonus is priceless!
This Is Strictly Limited: You must be quick! I can only take a limited number of students!
Module Two - A Musical Journey

Your musical journey is underway and in this Module, you will learn and understand the four important steps of playing piano. Lesson Four teaches you two of these important steps and you also learn the fun of practicing. Lesson Five introduces rhythm and timing which are the real secrets of making music and extends your knowledge further by teaching you the third important step. Lesson Six extends your learning in the fourth step and teaches you about reading musical notes.
Module Three - Play Easy Piano

Playing piano is so easy, as you discover in Module Three. Lesson Seven takes you into the exciting world of melody and chords, when you start to make music and play your own tunes. The excitement continues in Lesson Eight as your piano playing knowledge leaps ahead into the wonderful fun of playing scales and arpeggios. This discovery and learning experience moves you on to Lesson Nine, where you make your own chords and are introduced to "playing by ear".
Module Four - Making Music

The thrill of playing piano and making music is all put together in Module Four. As you enter Lesson Ten, your knowledge of chords and reading music is combined with playing, as well as "learning piano by ear". By now, you can start to play the music you really love as Lesson Eleven explores more styles, musical beats and timing. Lesson Twelve is the Grand Finale as you start to explore Jazz, Gospel, Country and much more. Congratulations! You have learned to Play Easy Piano!
"Ryan - That's Great! - But How Will My Program Be Delivered?"

I will be delivering my program "Play Easy Piano", to you in a very unique way! I have discovered through experience, that many people become overwhelmed when a huge amount of information is suddenly thrust upon them. So you will get my Lessons - one at a time - every four days, delivered right to your inbox! My unique delivery method assures that you will not be overwhelmed and that you can take your time to go through each Lesson. My unique delivery is automatic and you don't need to do a thing!

"I Really Want You To Succeed! - So I Have Included Some
Special Bonuses To Assist Your Musical Journey" ...

My Unique Personal Practice Scheduler!

No more boring practice! With my unique Practice Scheduler, you not only will enjoy your practice times, but also, you will actually achieve progress in learning to play piano! The Practice Scheduler can be set up for your own personal needs and time table. No more missing practice times or getting frustrated! The Practice Scheduler allows you to measure your progress on a day-by-day basis, thus ensuring that your learning program stays on track.
FREE with "Play Easy Piano"                                  Real World Value   $67
Advanced Musical Practice Program!

I am in the final development stage of my Advanced Practice Program, which builds on the knowledge you have gained and teaches you how to practice a wide range of tunes and keyboard exercises. Each of these is specially constructed, to a practice time table, which will help you on your musical journey. You will also get an advanced understanding of chord structures, rhythm, melody and reading music. You will be booked in to receive free access to my new program.
FREE with "Play Easy Piano"                                  Real World Value   $97
Access To My Special One-On-One Coaching!

Imagine being able to ask any musical question about learning to play piano. Imagine getting help when you are stuck or have a problem. Having direct access to me is just like having your own musical coach! For a period of 90 days, after you start my program, you can email me with any question at all about music and learning piano. I will personally answer you and help you with your problem. There is no limit to the subject (musical only) or the number of questions.
FREE with "Play Easy Piano"                    Real World Value   PRICELESS!
IMPORTANT - These Bonuses Are STRICTLY LIMITED And Could Be Withdrawn At Any Time.
I Can ONLY Accept A Limited Number Of Students - HURRY - Get "Play Easy Piano" Now.

"All Of This Sounds Absolutely Great Ryan ...
BUT - How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?"

Some of my friends and family are telling me that I could easily charge $197 for such an extensive program and that my one-on-one coaching offer could be worth many hundreds of dollars alone. But, I'm not going to charge that, because I wrote my program "Play Easy Piano" as a result of my own experiences and my love of music. I would like to make my unique program available to all of those people who can't afford private lessons or have never had the opportunity to learn piano and enjoy music like I have. In fact, I've decided that the price wont even be $97. So, I've actually settled on $67! - But - I have a strictly limited offer ...

My price for you today is going to be only $47!!

Yes - that's right - if you order "Play Easy Piano" right now, you will get my entire program with bonuses, for  a one time low payment of only $47 - But - You must order today - places are strictly limited ...


I want you to be completely satisfied. If for any reason, within 30 days, you do not find my program "Play Easy Piano" and my bonuses, valuable resources in assisting you to learn to play piano, then I will REFUND you money in FULL. All I ask is that you try out my course and follow the program. If you find it's not for you, email me and you have my personal guarantee that I will immediately REFUND your money in FULL.

Your Purchase Is Risk Free!
"OK Ryan - Let's Review Exactly What I'm Going To Get" ...

                      My Four Module "Play Easy Piano" Program with twelve step-by-step Lessons.

                      My unique Personal Practice Scheduler that will help you in your musical success.

                      Access to my Advanced Musical Practice Program to assist in your musical development.

                      Your access to me personally as  a One-On-One Coach to answer your musical questions.

All For A One Time Payment Of Only $47 - BUT For A Strictly Limited Time.
Order Now Online With Full Safety And Security
100% Secure, Fully Encrypted.

Order NOW at this special price for a
One Time Payment of ONLY $47.

You have my personal iron-clad
100% Money Back Gurantee.

There is NO RISK for you!
Concerned about order online? - Don't be! ...
When you click on the payment button above, you will be taken to PayPal, a well respected third party processor, where your order will be processed on a 100% secure server, with the strongest security measures and 128-bit encryption. Your personal information is safe. Your order will be processed and fulfilled by Crystal Photo Art, a verified PayPal account since 2006 and this name will appear on your payment receipt and statement.
Please email us with any questions:

Let me ask you one final question ...

Are you really serious about learning to play piano? Even if you've never played a note in your life or even if you've tried before but for whatever reason, it didn't work out. This is an your opportunity and you should not miss it, because "Play Easy Piano" was developed especially for you. Thank you for reading my letter and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

To your musical success!

PS  There are many programs and courses all over the internet and a lot of these are just rehashed stuff put  together by people who have no experience or knowledge. My program "Play Easy Piano" has been developed and written by me personally. It is absolutely unique and you wont find it or be able to buy it any where else! You have my 100% personal Money Back Guarantee!

PPS  This offer by me is strictly limited because I personally answer all musical questions in my one-on-one coaching program bonus. I can only accept a limited number of students into my program, because I want to be fair to all of those who have already booked in, so I can help them on their musical journey. So, hurry and order my program "Play Easy Piano" now, because if you delay, and come back later, you might find a big SOLD OUT sign. If this is so, I'm really sorry and I urge you to act now.

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