About me

Thank you for visiting my website.  I've been playing piano for most of my life. This is certainly more years than I care to remember! I've always enjoyed my music and it has bought joy into my life.

I started learning in the classical style as a young child. I was taught by a very talented nun from our local convent. She was a beautiful pianist, but was very strict as a teacher. I well remember getting a rap over the knuckles with a little pointer stick! This helped me to remember and practice my scales and arpeggios!

After some years, I moved to the 'modern' or 'clef' method, as it was then known. This of course is the chord system of playing. My genre of music at this time was mostly rock, blues and country. My playing and love of music, got me a few 'gigs' in various rock groups of the times.

My interest in music continued to grow and I played piano accordion, double bass, guitar, ukulele and saxophone. Whilst these instruments were a lot of fun, the piano was still my love! As I get older, I tend to play and enjoy my old favourites.

My web site has been developed to help and assist others who desire to play the piano and perhaps do not know where to start. While off-line lessons are very good, they are also expensive. Online lessons present many opportunities, not only learn piano in an inexpensive manner, but also to gain access to many musical resources, sheet music and information.

As you visit pages in my site, you will find many of my reviews of digital music products. I am constantly adding new information and resources, so bookmark my sit and come back again.

I hope my site is of value to you and I wish you every musical success.

Ryan Woodbury.


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