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I have often found it hard to get the sheet music that I really want. Sometimes, I want music only for the piano and other times I need it with vocals or other instruments.

Check out these two sites below. Between them, they have literally thousands of titles available and in a huge number of musical genres.

Best of all, they are GREAT QUALITY, can be downloaded and are INEXPENSIVE!

Go have a look! You'll be AMAZED!
Classical Sheet Music Downloads at Virtual Sheet Music

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Yes - you did read this correctly! I've found a great resource where you can download many popular sheet music pieces for piano. There is nothing to buy, no memberships and no obligation! Simply select your music from the list and download it. It is in pdf format and therefore you can print it easily.

There a literally dozens of pieces, graded from "First Pieces" and "Primer" up to "Level 4". I found many popular pieces like "Amazing Grace", "Frere Jacques", "Fur Elise (Beethoven)", "Au Clair de la Lune", "Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)", "The Yellow Rose of Texas", "Danny Boy" and many more.

The site is put up by Gilbert Debenedetti and it contains a lot of other very worthwhile information. I suggest you go and have a look at it:
Free Sheet Music Downloads