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A very inexpensive and effective way to learn to play piano, is to purchase an Online Piano Course. The big question is which one? Firstly, let me say that piano lessons - online or offline are not effective unless you are prepared to practice! There is no point in wasting your money, if you are not prepared to do a little work.

Having said that, I strongly suggest you sign up for my FREE Mini-Lessons. This set of Lessons is specifically designed to teach you HOW to learn to play, what's involved and also includes a wealth of musical information and tips.

When you are finished my Mini-Lessons, THEN you can take the next step, because you will KNOW which course to purchase and which is best suited to you particular needs and desires. You will also have a better idea of the genre of music that you should start to learn with. It is better to start with popular, easy music and then progress to Jazz, Blues or Classical.

This page will link to my special reviews of those online piano courses that I believe are good quality and good value. You can read all about them and what they provide. These reviews will be progressively available very soon.

In the meantime, I have picked out the three BEST VALUE and BEST QUALITY courses for you to consider. Just check out the details below and go over and visit them.
Best Value Course
and well Presented

These folks have put a huge amount of work into getting a really great value piano course together. The Lessons are laid out in a step-by-step manner and are extremely easy to follow. The content includes three separate e-books with over 200 separate steps.

I particularly like the like the video lessons - there's over 50 of them! You can actually see what to do. In addition there are a huge number of audio files that guide you through the learning process.

I'm very impressed with the quality of these lessons and I feel confident that they would be a valuable purchase, particularly if you are just starting out.

By the way - check out the BONUSES!! Lot's of extras that will help you. I love their cutting edge metronome! This course is a great grounding for Jazz, Gospel and Blues.

The Price? ONLY $39.95!! - What GREAT value!! You can download it immediately. If you serious about this one, go there now, because I'm told the price may soon go up! Ruth Searle - who has developed the course - has put together a first class product. There is absolutely NO RISK here, because Ruth offers a FULL 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

Go check this Best Priced Piano Course, by clicking the link NOW!

Best Priced Piano Course
Extensive Lessons
with Advanced Options

I like this Multimedia Workbook option which gives an excellent grounding in music, plus it extends well into Blues, R & B, and 'Smooth Jazz'. This workbook titled "Piano, Tricks of the Trade" is a first class resource for the beginner, or someone with a little experience.

I like the fact that this site offers several options according to the level of experience the student has. You can select their DVD "Play Piano like a Pro - for Beginners", or you can graduate to "Play Piano like a Pro - for Intermediate and Advanced Players". Both of these are two-hour DVD's packed with information.

These courses have been developed up by Ron Worthy or Mr. Ron as he is known. There is no doubt that he is a fabulous pianist and musician, who has what it takes to develop Lessons like this.

This site has a lot more to offer and its well worth going for a visit. Be sure to read the contents table for the Multimedia Workbook. You'll be amazed at the amount of information that's packed in there. Of course there is both audio and video included in the workbook.

The price for the Multimedia Workbook is ONLY $97 and it's worth every cent! Check out the Bonus Offerings! There is a lot of high value resources in this package. Don't forget to check out Ron's other packages. Click the link NOW!

Extensive Lessons with Options
'Playing by Ear' Course
with Loads of Extras

I really like "The Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear", an e-book that teaches absolutely everything! It is 300 pages packed with information, diagrams, techniques and secrets of playing by ear.

If you are one of those many people are very serious about piano playing, then this course is for YOU! There is over 20 chapters, including 2 bonus chapters on sight reading.

Speaking of bonuses! Just check out the huge number of useful bonus items that are included.

This course has been developed by Jermaine Griggs, a well respected pianist, who has taught thousands of people to play. I believe the testimonials on this site will speak for themselves.

The really great thing about Jermaine's site, is his Gospel piano courses. If you wish to play gospel, play in church, or play the organ, then this is just the BEST. I just love the variety of courses in Gospel piano that he is offering.

The price of this 300 page e-book? - A crazy $69.95!! This is just incredible value and you just can't go wrong.

Check out Jermaine's NO RISK Guarantee. This Money Back Guarantee, has to be the BEST ever. Hurry over there before the price goes up! Click the link NOW!

Playing Piano by Ear
I strongly recommend that, whatever Course you purchase, you first sign up for my FREE Mini-Lessons "All About Playing Piano".
If you are unsure which course to buy, email me with your details and I will reply PERSONALLY, with my advice.

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