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Many people desire to play the piano, keyboards or another musical instrument. Some people are lucky enough to have the resources in which to follow through with their desires. Many people do not.

One of the biggest problems, is knowing where to start. For example, if you do not know whether you could learn, or would like to play piano, it is very expensive to go out and buy one, on the chance that all will be well! The various resources on this site, are meant as information, particularly for those who have no idea where to start.

Primarily this site would be useful for those people, irrespective of age or background, that would like to investigate playing the piano, either for fun, or as a future profession.

At this stage, the site is not intended for music professionals, or teachers etc., however, all visitors are welcome! Put simply, the site provides basic information and resources, in an easy to understand and non complicated language.

Over the coming months, this page will provide many links to information and resources.
Play The Piano!

Here is a really interesting article and a great resource on learning to play the piano. Many people think it is all too hard and yet learning to play piano is really quite easy!

There is however, one aspect of learning piano that you simply MUST do! ...
Without some practice, you are not going to learn piano.

My course details a very simple, easy and fun regime for practising piano, but in the meantime, I suggest you read the article. You will find it at:
Play the piano, Wiki article ...

All About Metronomes

I've written up a new page on metronomes - they're those great little devices that help musicians keep time!

I'm sure you'll find this info and the illustrations most interesting.

Click on the link to go to:
All About Metronomes.

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Sheet Music FREE!

Yes - you did read this correctly! I've discovered a great resource for downloads of sheet music.
Click here to read more about this on my Sheet Music page.